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Stainless Round Bar Profile

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Stainless Round Bar Profile Measurement Table – DIN17455 – (kg/mt)

Stainless Round Bar Profile

Stainless Round Bar Profile – Usage Areas

Stainless bar is one of the basic steel materials that we encounter in daily life. Stainless bar, which is known to all of us and used in our homes, is used as the basic material. Stainless rods outside of the kitchen; 29% in the manufacturing industry, 10% in the construction industry, 16% in the transportation industry, 25% in home appliance production and 5% in other steel productions. The stainless bar is one of the most used basic materials in the machinery and weapons industry, in the production of medical devices containing steel, in the food and paint industry, and in the construction of boat shafts. In steel production, the quality and shaping properties of stainless steel change with the components added to the steel.